Our Visionary Champions

Our visionary champions was a 5 month long project of Aaap Communications fnded by Ambassador’s Fund Grant Program of USAID, through TDEA. The project was basically a series of Leadership Training Workshops organized in the special schools for the visually impaired students in 4 cities of Punjab & KPK.

AAAP Communications conducted these capacity building exercise in the form of Leadership Training for the visually impaired students through the 8 Visually Impaired Persons from amongst our youth to bring change at grass root level to promote a positive picture of those courageous enough, to achieve something in their lives.

These 8 men & women, are termed as Our Visionary Champions. They are the people who have struggled and succeeded against all odds. These are the people who have made it big, and did not let their impairment come in the way of their success. These are the 8 stories of inspiration, determination and power of human will.

Our Champions are not just the celebrities of their community, but ambassadors of change in behaviors and attitudes. We have a firm belief that these stories will help remove some misconceptions swaddling the lives of visually impaired.


Project Head
Project Manager
Project Communication

Launch Ceremony

The Launch ceremony of the project was held on October 11 2019 in Islamabad to introduce the project and launch the platform for inviting applications for champions. Aaap CEO Ammar Masood, Renowned Psychologist Brig. Retd. Mowaddat Rana, Ms. Ayesha Khan CEO Umeed Foundation and CoP TDEA Arif Jabbar spoke at the ceremony.

Abbotabad government boys school

Govt. School for the Blind Girls, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi

Govt. Qindeel Secondary School for Blind Boys, Rawalpindi


The showcasing of the project Our Visionary Champions was held at Marriott Islamabad on January 14, 2020. The ceremony was attended by media persons, civil society members, journalists and our selected Visionary Champions along with their families. The Champions shared their experience with the audience and a documentary film titled “Champions” featuring the project, the champions and their success was also screened at the event.

Champions Stories