Rutgers WPF is a renowned center of expertise on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Its activities are mainly carried out in Netherlands, Africa and Asia. Its aim is to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout the world. Rutgers supports partner organizations and professionals in their work to increase their expertise in SRHR and issues surrounding it.

Documentary GTA and Animations and Posters

Aaap Communications developed a 9 minute documentary for Rutgers Pakistan Titled HumQadam, regarding their GTA initiative. The documentary focused on influencers, parliamentarians and decision makers and how they supported GTA in the society.

Along with the documentary, there were 7 animated messages about the Sexual and reproductive health rights, gender equality and domestic violence. The animations were also made into 7 posters.

Documentary on Life Skills Based Education

Aaap Communications produced a 6 minute documentary on Life Skills Based Education program of Rutgers Pakistan. The documentary was produced in a school in Quetta that successfully carried out this course. The documentary included interviews of students, instructors and Rutgers Pakistan representatives.