There is no greater joy in the world than dreaming big and then seeing it come to life. The ingredients to the world’s oldest success story are simple:  Ideas, aspirations and the right mix of creative talent and skill that would breathe life into that vision.

And this is where AAAP steps in.

A team that creates visions out of thin air; puts your philosophy into words; and emancipates your dreams to the horizons, unexplored. And with the range of expertise AAAP offers, we are most certain that no matter how wildly farfetched your idea may sound; we can find a way to create a tangible reality out of it. All you have to do is, to never stop following your heart.

And let us take care of the rest

The man behind the dream

Ammar Masood is primarily known as the very eloquent host of late night literary shows like Raat Gaye, Dyar e ishq and more recently, Nisf Sadi ka Qissa on PTV; but his talents are multi-faceted. In addition to his TV ventures, he is also a Radio Host, short story writer, columnist, blogger, Twitter celebrity, advertising expert, and Media Manager. He has been associated with Pakistan’s top advertising agencies as Creative Head. He has also served as the Director Marketing for Pakistan Television Network, Director Content and Product Development Dunya News and ATV Network. He has been a part of the core team that launched Dunya News and 92 News HD. Along with his extensive experience in media & advertising; he has also worked with USAID and other major donors on various projects as Communications expert.